Source Cafe

What is it?

This is my final project for college. The focus of this project is on the development process and all of my development documentation will be included, including all UML, and then deloyment guides. The customer/client that I will be using is a made up Internet Cafe from Soutern Ontario, Canada called "Internation Internet Cafe".

Source Cafe is an internet cafe application that will provide customers with the ability to use their own laptops -- regardless of platform -- to surf the Internet. It tracks the amount of time that they use, and is intended to track their volume usage. Customers will have to provide their home address as well as a credit card to pay for their time used. The project may extend to have a POS system linked in so that customers would be able to order coffee items from their computer.

How much is it?

The source code and all the documentation will be distributed free of charge under the GPL Licence.

Development Environment

The project thus far has been built in NetBeans 5.5, Java 1.6 on a Fedora Core 6 Box. The development of all the UML diagrams have been done using NetBeans UML tool (available -- in beta -- via the update center). Please feel free to download the source from the subversion repository.

For a copy of the Program Logic project:
svn co " Logic" cafesource-BL

For a copy of the Program Model project:
svn co " Model" cafesource-BM

You can also browse the code as it gets changed here


Below are the links to the documentation, please feel free to browse the content and send me comments.

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V

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